All Saints Day Sweets with Orange Blossom Water

1 November, All Saints Day, a holiday when many families come together to enjoy delicious treats, is approaching. To give your All Saints Day sweets a special aroma, add orange blossom water to the recipe. It will give them a slightly different twist that will evoke spring.

Would you like to discover some of the most famous All Saints Day sweets? Pay attention to this post!

1.  Huesos de Santo with Orange Blossom Flavoured Cream

This is one of the most traditional sweets that are sold in patisseries this time of year. It is a marzipan sweet filled with cream, which we give a special twist by adding orange blossom water.

If you like to cook, we also have the recipe.

You can refer to it in our recipe section, or by clicking here.

2. Orange Blossom Water Cream Puffs

Everyone likes cream puffs. And if they don’t, it’s because they haven’t tried them. They are very traditional sweets that you can find all over Spain.

They are very easy to make. They only require a few ingredients: butter, eggs, flour, olive oil, water and sugar. However, in this case, to make our own personal version, we substitute a portion of the water with orange blossom water, which gives the classic cream puffs a more unique aroma.

3. Pan de Muerto

This is a sweet bread that is usually only cooked at this time of year to commemorate this holiday. It is very typical of Mexico, although this recipe has also crossed the ocean and is cooked in Spain. We’ve created our own version of this delicious sweet with orange blossom water. You can refer to it in our recipe section.

4. Pine Nut and Orange Blossom Water Panellets

Panellets, also called ”All Saints Day sweets”, are very common in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. However, wherever you are from, we encourage you to try them.

These sweets are made with an almond, sugar and egg dough and covered in pine nuts. During the cooking process we substitute a portion of the water with Luca de Tena Orange Blossom Water to give it our special touch.

Celebrating this holiday with your loved ones and sharing delicious sweets like these is even better if we give them a unique aroma with our orange blossom water. Have you tried any of our recipes? We’re certain you’ll enjoy them!