Discover our orange blossom water sprayer

Luca de Tena Orange Blossom Water is mainly used in the food industry as a natural flavouring. It adds that special something that will set your recipes apart. However, our orange blossom water in spray form can be used for many other things. In today’s blog post we give you a few ideas.

  • As a relaxant: Have you ever thought of adding a bit to your daily tea? A few drops of orange blossom water will help you relax and have a much better day. That is why, in the past, it was known as a sedative for “calming nerves”.
  • As a party favour: Can you imagine giving your wedding guests the aroma of Seville in the spring? It would be the perfect party favour to surprise all your guests. It would also be ideal for other events such as baptisms and first communions. Not everyone can boast that they have the essence of Seville in a bottle.
  • To cool you down: We all know what summer in Seville is like and the Luca de Tena Orange Blossom Water sprayer is perfect for cooling you down. Its mild scent will make the high temperatures feel more springlike.
  • To carry the scent of Seville in the spring with you always: Do you need a better reason? The scent of orange blossoms is one that does not become tiresome or overwhelming. It is fresh, natural and perfect to have on hand. In addition, because it is a sprayer, it is quite portable.

Now that you know a few ways you can use our orange blossom water sprayer, all you need to do is stop by one of our points of sale and start the season with the authentic scent of Seville.

Currently, our Luca de Tena Orange Blossom Water sprayer is only available for purchase in Seville. At the following points of sale:


C/ García de Vinuesa, 27

Casa Pilatos

Pl. de Pilatos, 1

La tienda de Inés Rosales

  Plaza de San Francisco, 15

 The shops at the Seville Cathedral

  Av. de la Constitución, s/n


Would you like to try our new format? The Luca de Tena Orange Blossom Water sprayer is a real experience and there are multiple ways to enjoy the best aroma.