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Discover our orange blossom water sprayer

Luca de Tena Orange Blossom Water is mainly used in the food industry as a natural flavouring. It adds that special something that will set your recipes apart. However, our orange blossom water in spray form can be used for many other things. In today’s blog post we give you a few ideas. As a […]

Orange Salad with Raisins and Aroma of Orange Blossom Water

Orange salad with raisins and aroma of orange blossom water is a perfect recipe for summer. It’s fresh, delicious and has a wonderful smell that will remind you of springtime in Seville. The citrus fruit give it its freshness but it’s not acidic because we add a touch of honey to ensure it’s completely balanced. […]


Ingredients: Bread for French toast Milk Eggs Honey Luca de Tena Orange Blossom Water Soak the bread in the milk without letting it become too soft. Next, dip it in the egg. In a pan, add plenty of oil and an orange rind. When hot, remove the rind and fry the bread. When golden, remove the […]

All Saints Day Sweets with Orange Blossom Water

1 November, All Saints Day, a holiday when many families come together to enjoy delicious treats, is approaching. To give your All Saints Day sweets a special aroma, add orange blossom water to the recipe. It will give them a slightly different twist that will evoke spring. Would you like to discover some of the most […]